Encyclopedia of Card Tricks Jean Hugard, John J. Crimmins Jr.  
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How to perform over 600 card tricks, devised by the world's greatest magicians. 66 illustrations.

Expert Card Technique: Close-Up Table Magic Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue  
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Scores of methods—previously known only to card experts—include passes, palming, false shuffles, false cuts, changes, crimps, jogs, reverses, rear palms and more. Altogether, 341 sleights and tricks. 318 illustrations show exact position of fingers and hands.

Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic Mark Anthony Wilson  
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From one of the world's premier practitioners of classic magic, with years of experience instructing younger readers in the magical arts, comes this new revision of his complete guide to learning and performing fantastic feats of prestidigitation. Acclaimed by the Los Angeles Times as "the text that...young magicians swear by," it's full of step-by-step instructions. More than 2,000 illustrations provide the know-how behind 300 techniques, from basic card tricks to advanced levitation, along with advice on planning and staging a professional-quality magic show.